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Penny & Rose Oil Tint Set allows you to get creative and colorful with dyes that can be added to any fragrance oil in our collection. So whether you’re working, relaxing, or reminiscing with loved ones, embrace the day with Penny & Rose, and discover a scent for your thoughts.

Beautifully vivid flowers await!

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Use Penny & Rose dyes to tint any fragrance oil in our collection.
  2. One drop will transform your Penny & Rose flower and add a pop of color to any room. 
  3. Experiment and personalize! Have fun; the style is completely yours!

Check out our Tips & Tricks Video

We recommend using dyes with white flowers only.

Set Contains: 5ml Yellow Dye, 5ml Blue Dye, 5ml Red Dye

Add one drop of oil tint to Penny & Rose fragrance oil. One drop is sufficient, as this dye is highly concentrated.  

We recommend using dyes with white flowers only.

Tips & Tricks Video


Product Dimensions:

  • Dye Bottles (3): 5 ml of oil dye
  • Packaging Box: 3.25" length x 3.25" width x 1" height