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For display only, not for resale.  Our retail display scent testers allow customers to sample all the Penny & Rose scents you offer. 

The fiber reed in cork diffuser is an effective and tidy method for customer scent testing and prolongs the longevity of the scent tester.

We kindly ask our retailers to save testers between orders.

Set Contains: 1 Reed Diffuser, Cork, Coaster and 50 ml Premium Fragrance Oil

Scent Display Testers come sealed with a rubber stopper.  Remove stopper and replace with the diffuser cork (cork with hole to insert the fiber reed).  Customers sample scents by smelling the fiber reed.  It should stay in the cork.  Trim the Fiber Reed to your desired height.   TIP:  Occasionally flip reed over to refresh scent.  NOTE:  Place provided coaster underneath the scent tester bottle. As the cork and fiber reed become saturated with oil (which is normal) it may leak a little on the outside of the bottle.