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The bottles in this collection were designed with your home in mind, and we believe they enhance the aesthetic of any room.  Modeled after seltzer bottles from the 30s and 40s, our vintage-style bottle with our custom designed seltzer bottle top may be used for fragrance diffusion, plant waterer, home decor, or anything your creative heart desires.  

If you choose to fill them with fragrance oil, we encourage you to peruse our collection of Signature Floral Diffusers to optimize the scent and complement the beauty of the bottle.

Embrace the day with Penny & Rose, and discover a scent for your thoughts. 

Set Contains: 3 Vintage Inspired Seltzer Bottles and Seltzer Tops (fragrance oil not included)

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Remove the seltzer top by hand, using a twisting motion while slowly pulling the stopper upwards. Fill bottle as desired*.  Hand wash with warm soapy water and air dry.

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*Our custom designed seltzer top is the perfect complement to our signature bottle and may be used as a plant waterer, vase, home decor, or anything your creative heart desires.  

Our Seltzer Top performs best with low viscosity liquids; water, vinaigrettes, diluted soap, etc.  For high viscosity liquids; oil, soap, etc., our Signature Bottle also accommodates a standard liquor pour spout.

If you choose to use your P&R Signature bottles as fragrance diffusers, select up to 3 oils (6 oz. bottles) and add them to your order. Fragrance oils are contained in plastic refill bottles, and packaged separate from the Signature bottle collector's set.

Product Dimensions:

  • P&R Signature Bottle (3): 6.7 oz / 200 ml  |  2.5" diameter x 5.25" height 
  • Seltzer Top (3): 1.1" diameter x 2.8" height
  • Packaging Box: 11" length x 8.6" width x 3.4" height
  • ADD ON Refill Oil: 6 oz / 177 ml  |  1.6" diameter x 6.1" height