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Our Signature Floral Bouquet Collection fills the room with warm nostalgia and excites the home with dreams of whimsical days gone by.

Each floral bouquet is uniquely handcrafted and inspired by nature with thin, wooden petals that absorb and diffuse the oil beautifully throughout any room.

Modeled after seltzer bottles from the 30s and 40s, our vintage-style bottle uniquely displays your bouquet and, with our custom designed seltzer bottle top, may be reused for soap, home decor, or anything your creative heart desires. So whether you’re working, relaxing, or reminiscing with loved ones, embrace the day with Penny & Rose, and discover a scent for your thoughts. 

Set Contains: 4 Chrysanthemum Fragrance Diffusers & 2 Willow Branches, Special Edition Penny & Rose Seltzer-Inspired Bottle with Decorative Seltzer-Inspired Top and 6.7 oz / 200 ml Premium Fragrance Oil

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Remove the rubber bottle stopper by hand, using a back and forth motion to loosen it while slowly pulling the stopper upwards.  Place flowers into Penny & Rose bottle with the reeds submerged in the oil*. The petals will absorb the oil via the reeds and disperse the fragrance throughout the room.  Please allow 24-36 hours for the fragrance to properly diffuse. Avoid contact with furniture, fabrics, and finished surfaces as spillage may cause staining.  Product will effectively diffuse for approximately 3 months.  

* The flower reeds can be trimmed with a sharp pair of scissors to create your desired bouquet height



The cabinets at the farm were chock full of old pots and pans, dishes, and glass bottles that had been passed down from generation to generation.  In the spirit of the farm, we hope you find uses for the bottle, and seltzer-inspired top, long after the fragrance is gone.  

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Our custom designed seltzer top is the perfect complement to our signature bottle and may be used as a plant waterer, vase, home decor, or anything your creative heart desires.  

Our Seltzer Top performs best with low viscosity liquids; water, vinaigrettes, diluted soap, etc.  For high viscosity liquids; oil, soap, etc., our Signature Bottle also accommodates a standard liquor pour spout.

Product Dimensions:

  • Floral Diffusers* (4 flowers & 2 willow branches): 3.5" diameter x 10.5" length
  • Oil Bottle: 6.7 oz / 200 ml  |  2.5" diameter x 5.25" height
  • Seltzer Top: 1.1" diameter x 2.8" height
  • Packaging Box: 6.5" length x 6.5" width x 11.25" height
*Our floral diffusers are handmade and may have slight variances in size 

    Optimal Product Placement:

    • Ideal for larger rooms; kitchen, living room, den, dining room, family room, foyer, bedroom.
    • Place fragrance diffuser in a high traffic, warm area with good airflow to effectively disperse the scent.
    • Do not place fragrance diffuser next to an open window or any area where the scent may be pushed out of the room. Air must be circulating into a room, not out, to effectively disperse the scent.